Sleepwalk (Digital Single)

by Redeye



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1st single from the upcoming new album "The Memory Layers" from Redeye, April 13th 2015.


You shined a light when I was searching
You shined a light for me to see
To see just where I could be heading
Where my next step needed to lead

I had been told that I was able
I thought that it would grow in me
But I got stuck right in the middle
Of so many possibilities

Oh you sleep and you walk, sleep and you walk
In my heart I knew that I could, I knew that I could

Is it a long road to travel ?
Is it a long way to go ?
Where will you stand when I’ll be turning
My back to everything I know ?

Will you hold on whatever happens ?
Giving me shelter from the storm ?
A fragile light I’ll picture allways,
A fire burning in the snow


released April 13, 2015
Recorded by Justin Collins and Matt Pence at The Echo Lab (Denton, TX), mixed by Erik Wofford at Cacophony Recorders (Austin, TX).
Guitars/vocals : Guillaume Fresneau, Violins : Lucile Vallez, Cello : Buffi Jacobs, Percussions : Matt Shepherd, Upright Bass : Antoine Pozzo Di Borgo



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